Black Holes, Stars, Earth and Mars — my astronomy poem book!

Dear reader, it’s lovely to see you out there!
I’ve got some big news I’ve been waiting to share.

This blog — as you know — is all about space
There’s world-building, planets all over the place.
And once in a while, I bust out a rhyme
It’s science with poems, well, some of the time.

Guess what? I wrote a whole book-load of poems!
Been waiting for more than a year just to show ’em.
They cover it all, from black holes to stars
There’s dark matter, telescopes, SETI and Mars.

These poems were written for every age
There’s rhymes and astronomy on every page
There’s science galore, and plenty of jokes
It’s perfect for kids or for any old folks.

Owen — my 12-year old son — well, you know him
He drew that sweet picture for Asteroids: the poem
He did the book’s drawings, they’re playful and fun
To illustrate concepts, they just help a ton!

An illustration from Black Holes, Stars, Earth and Mars, illustrating the concept of spaghettification. Credit: Owen Raymond.

The foreword was written by someone you know
A scientist who’s even got his own show.
This charming astronomer hails from New York
It’s Neil deGrasse Tyson! Now let’s pop a cork!

The new book cover, designed by Casey Fritz.

If you’d like a preview, Elizabeth Tasker
Just made this sweet video. (She is a master).
She’s an astronomer, has her own book.
And writes a fun blog. Why not take a look?

Animation and narration by Elizabeth Tasker, of an excerpt from Chapter 2.

So where can I buy this new book? you might think.
It’s easy — just click on the amazon link
In ebook or paperback, published and new.
And if you enjoy it, please write a review!

You still aren’t sure? I still haven’t swayed you?
Well here are some blurbs. Perhaps they’ll persuade you…

This book, with its wacky poems and Dr. Seuss-like rhymes, appeals both to adults’ inner child, and to the curious natural scientist in all our children.  The illustrations by a 12-year old artist convey a reassuring sense of “I got this!”

Jill Tarter, Astronomer and pioneer of SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence)

This delightful book is a gentle reminder of the better things in life, and science. With echoes of Dr Seuss and the skilled crafting of Edward Lear, Raymond and Raymond create a world well worth losing yourself in, all the while telling a story about the frontiers of our understanding of the universe. An absolute pleasure.

Caleb Scharf, Director of Astrobiology at Columbia University, Blogger and Author

Cutting edge concepts dished out in poetry you’ll want to be reading in striped pyjamas, Raymond presents clear explanations of the biggest concepts in astronomy today in a form guaranteed to intrigue and delight both scientists and artists of all ages.

Elizabeth Tasker, Astrophysicist, blogger and author of The Planet Factory

Black Holes, Stars, Earth and Mars is like an Astronomy 101 textbook wrapped up in delightful Dr. Seuss style poetry. It’s remarkably comprehensive and covers serious physics, but the easy rhymes make it simple to understand. I’d recommend it for kids learning about space, but also for any astronomy enthusiast!

Gillian Rhodes, Astronomy/Art Fusion Show Host and dancer/choreographer

To wrap all this up, there’s people to thank
I’ve been super lucky in life, to be frank.
My family and friends, my colleagues and such
I just want to say: thank you so much!

Marisa and Zack — we simply adore you.
You’re really the best. This book’s written for you.

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