Work with me

As a science fiction-loving astronomer, I enjoy blending imagination with science. Sometimes I create my own planetary systems (see for example, the ultimate Solar System series). Sometimes I evaluate the scientific validity of well-known settings from movies or books (such as Pandora, Arrakis, and more). And sometimes I try to figure out what it would feel like on a different planet, for example by understanding the day-night cycles in multi-star systems or by getting a feel for the climates of exotic worlds.

I am available to help out with ideas for books, movies, games or any other projects set on other planets.  My specialties are:

  • World building: creating scientifically accurate settings for storytelling
  • Understanding what it would feel like to live on other (custom-built) worlds. How would the stars move?  What would the weather be like?
  • Testing the scientific validity of already-created settings.

Please contact me if you are interested in working with me. You can email me directly at rayray(dot)sean(at)gmail(dot)com.